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Employment and workplace law: Mid-year review 2014

John Tuck (Partner), Nick Le Mare (Partner), Jack de Flamingh (Partner), Simon Billing (Partner), Nick Ellery (Partner), Jane Hall (Partner), Janine Young (Partner)&  Anthony Forsyth (Consultant) of Corrs Chambers Westgarth This is our first annual review of employment and workplace laws in Australia. We look at developments from the perspective of employers in Australia and… Read More

Recent cases dealing with the management of ill and injured employees

By Andrew Tobin and Troy Wild, HopgoodGanim For employers, effectively managing ill (whether physically or mentally) or injured workers is one of the most problematic areas of human resource management.  It is fraught with numerous regulatory and litigation risks, including for managers and HR professionals personally implementing an employer’s decision. The cause for the difficulty… Read More

Unfair dismissal claim does not outlive applicant

 The Fair Work Commission has considered whether an application for unfair dismissal survives the death of the applicant after a friend of an applicant, who died before his unfair dismissal claim was heard, applied to continue with the application.  The applicant, Stan Gheorghe (the employee), was employed by the respondent, Frontline Australasia Pty Ltd, (the employer),… Read More

New video campaign highlights older workers’ strengths

The Australian Human Rights Commission has launched a new video awareness campaign which highlights the value of older workers. The “Power of Oldness”, launched by Age Discrimination  Commissioner, Susan Ryan and Minister for Employment, Senator Eric Abetz, compares the skills and strengths mature workers offer employers and organisations with the discrimination they face when trying… Read More